Ball jump

Ball jump is an app for the iPhone. It cost £0.69/$1.00 on the app store and there is also a lite version  for free.
In Ball Jump you have to control a green ball with either your finger or the accelerometer (can be changed in settings). The aim is to jump from platform to platform to get as high as possible. you jump on the red platforms to bounce. some of these platforms will fall so be careful! If you jump on a yellow platform then you will bounce a lot higher and this platform will also fall.

The Lite version of the app which is free has the same groundbreaking physics engine as the full version. There is ads in the Lite version. To have no ads you must upgrade to the full version.

To see the app in action there is a video demo and screenshots of the app below.

Features of Ball Jump

→Tilt or Touch Control
→Ground Breaking Physics Engine
→Score Counter
→High scores
→Falling Platforms
→Boost Platforms
→Small Platforms
→No Ads

If you would like to try out the app for free you can also download the Lite version which includes:

→Tilt or Touch Control
→Ground Breaking physics engine



To download the full version click here: Ball Jump

To download the lite verson, click here: Ball Jump Lite

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